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For Sale – German Shepherd Puppies

Luxor, one of the top three producing German Shepherds we have seen in the last 30 years. The other two remained in Europe until retired. We are fortunate to have Luxor in The US.

When it comes to appearance and performance Luxor is one of our all time favorites. His striking black sable color including the black stenciling on his toes is incredible. Luxor’s structure is excellent in spite of his strong working bloodlines (not known for excellent structure). His performance is extraordinary on every level. Luxor’s high prey and food drive has made him such a pleasure to train. His being pain stimulated (corrections get him excited) combined with his food and play drive enabled him to become so flashy he is in a perpetual state of showing-off, even if just being told to lay down at dinner time. He jumps into every position with his ears up and tail wagging just waiting for another command.
In protection his bite is usually described as “insane” as it goes beyond what we usually refer to as a crushing bite. The level of drive, the intensity and love of fighting always brings smiles regardless of how many times over the last 5 years we’ve worked him.

Luxor Puppies

When it comes to breeding, and producing, he is at the top of our list. In the last 30 years there are only two other dogs, both in Europe,we have seen produce on this level.
As an example in Europe puppies are usually brought to training clubs three times a week to imprint protection and begin developing drives and bites. The hope is by 7 to 10 months these young dogs are biting full and hard.
The puppies from previous Luxor litters, both in Europe and in the U.S., are extraordinary from their very first session.  What’s been interesting is the puppies bred and sold here are raised in families without any training until they are 7 to10 months old. What we have consistently seen is the very first training session they demonstrate extreme drive. Their very first bite is completely full and hard as if they have been in training since they were puppies.
It’s really something. That’s why we have encouraged Luxor’s owner to breed him in spite of only have bought him as an Elite Family & Estate Protection Dog.