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For Sale – German Shepherd Puppies

One of the most extraordinary males we have seen
in the last 20 years

Litter born on November 06, 2021
6 males and 4 females
$3,500 to $6,500

We are extremely excited to announce the second litter of puppies out of Luxor. It is hard to say what impresses us the most, Luxor's color, size, beauty, personality, performance or protection. It would not be an exaggeration to say in our world Luxor is a living legend.

The pictures of Luxor on this page were taken in Europe at two years old when we purchased him. He is 66 cm at the shoulders (standard is 60 to 65 cm) and at the time weighed 88 lbs. We thought he was so impressive at the time. A year later when he returned for maintenance training Luxor had put on 10 lbs of muscle mass. Our jaws just dropped. He already had what was usually described as the head of grizzly. Now he had the body as well. This year Luxor returned weighing in at 110 lbs and still being in "working weight".

If we move past Luxor's appearance he is incredible even when it comes to just obedience. Luxor is pain-stimulated which means when he is corrected it actually increases his drive and enthusiasm. When combined with Luxor's drive to work he is simply captivating to his handler and anyone watching.

When it comes to Luxor's protection it's hard to really do justice with any description. If we are using a scale of 1 to 10 then he has to be a 15! (okay impossible if the limit is 10 but he is far beyond those few dogs that earn the 10 rating). The shear intensity of Luxor's drive (prey and defense), the full bone-crushing bite, the speed in which he assaults his opponent (whether biting or muzzle attacks) is just incredible. Most decoys would describe themselves more as his victim than his opponent.

Luxor was bred in Europe just prior to his arrival to the USA. We have tried to buy his progeny without success. No one will part with them. It has taken us two years to talk Luxor's owner into allowing us to do a breeding. We have selected an outstanding solid black female named Lady to have his puppies.

We could not be more excited!!! We fully expect the best puppies from this litter to be the same caliber of dogs that usually sell for $85,000 as fully trained adults.

The mother of the litter Adel is usually described by training staff as a Belgian Malinois inside a German Shepherd's body. For anyone not familiar with the Belgian Malinois the reference is to Adel's speed, tenaciousness and INTENSITY in protection. That along with a style of working (flashiness usually found only in the Belgian Malinois breed). The majority of our dog's personalities can be described as friendly and affectionate. Adel can be described in the same way as well. It does leave out a favorite qualities we have come to enjoy in Adel, she's very cute. It's hard to describe but quickly experienced.

silver male

orange male

red male

white male

yellow male

lime green female

pink female

light blue female

4 weeks old

Little paw at 2.5 weeks old

2.5 weeks old

2.5 weeks old

1 day old

1 day old