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Luxor, one of the top three producing German Shepherds we have seen in the last 30 years. The other two remained in Europe until retired. We are fortunate to have Luxor in The US.

Imported European Puppies

If you are interested in purchasing a German shepherd or Malinois puppy, you've certainly found yourself in the right place. Although we are recognized for our specialty in the meticulous matching, training, and efficient delivery of fully trained adult dogs, our services are not limited to just that. Catering to those who are looking for the joy, bond and experience of raising a puppy from the start, CPI is here for you. We directly sell and import puppies for people who prefer this option. Depending on the timing of your inquiry, we may have litters immediately available for you to choose from. If that's not the case, or if you have a very specific idea in mind for your new companion, rest assured that we will embark on a dedicated search to find the exact dog that meets your expectations and requirements. Our puppies start at $4,500 and the request form can be found below.

We believe that each puppy we provide is not just a pet, but a carefully selected member of your family. Rest assured that all puppies will arrive at your home having received the necessary vaccines and de-worming treatments, ensuring their optimum health and well-being from the moment they step into your home. This is part of our dedication to ensuring that our dogs and their new owners start their journey together on the right foot.

The head trainer of our International Team, based in Europe, was the head of the Czechoslovakia breeding program prior to the separation of the two countries in 1992. There he managed, maintained and regulated breeding in order to maintain the health and quality of all dogs being bred. After the separation he became the lead trainer for all police dogs in Slovakian prisons, now he breeds and trains dogs exclusively with CPI.