Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in Los Angeles, CA

3 Years
95 lbs

Paxo is the largest, most stunning looking bi-color we have seen since Don vom Rolandsteich twenty years ago. His background is also rather unique. He has been owned, raised and trained by a K9 officer. His owner/ handler certified him for work on the street where he has been on active duty for the last two years. Not only is Paxo a force to be reaconed with on the streets, his bite has even injured trainers with equipment on! In addition to Paxo being a "cop" he has also been crossed trained for and competed in dog sports. Now that his owner is retiring we had the opportunity to purchase Paxo. Just in case you're thinking about now he's too much of a Rambo, it's not the case. Like with all of our dogs Paxo is sweet, affectionate and friendly with everyone. He has been raised with a 5 year old girl, is great with all of her friends, and is great around other dogs as well.

If you appreciate size and the look of the bi-color this is a pretty unique opportunity.

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