Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Michaerl C in Philadelphia, PA

Sold to Michael C. of Philadelphia PA

It's interesting to us Luxor was named after both a hotel known for its flash, and a city known for it's treasures. We think of our Luxor as both. Luxor has to be one of the most flashy, striking black sales we have seen in a very long time. And we see a lot of beautiful dogs! At the same time he's everything every German Shepherd enthusiasts who loves sables wants, but seldom finds. So a treasure. Luxor has a unique personality. He is social and accepting of everyone but does not become friends indiscriminately. To be friends requires time, and is generally reserved for family. Until then, pet him, appreciate him but you're probably not going to get the time of day. Luxor is spectacular in protection both from a functional stand point and in putting on a show. Of least importance to us, but worth mentioning for some, is the fact that at just two years old Luxor is already extremely competitive in dog sports (V-rated with a 99 in protection).

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