Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



2.5 years
98 lbs

Wogan is a nearly 100lb bi-color German Shepherd with a highly adaptable and jovial personality. He tends to blend into the background, but when necessary, he comes alive with a bark that can shake an aggressor to their core. His protection skills are enhanced by his ability to move swiftly and gracefully. Wogan's unique composition allows him to maintain agility and speed, akin to a smaller shepherd, while his larger size provides the power to subdue a full-grown man and give them second thoughts about their life choices due to the intensity of his bite.

Wogan's protective ability is balanced by his friendly nature in everyday life; he gets along wonderfully with people and enjoys the company of just about every dog he meets. Since arriving in the US, Wogan has even had the opportunity to experience a few private jet flights, quickly making himself at home, especially when his handler decided to engage in a game of fetch on the plane. However, he is just as content to curl up at his trainer's feet and fall asleep to the hum of the jet engines for the remainder of the flight.

Wogan is equally happy whether he's relaxing at home or accompanying his owner on various adventures. His joyful outlook on life makes him a delightful companion, especially on those less-than-favorable days we all encounter. Wogan's affectionate demeanor makes him a perfect fit for a family that may already have another dog at home or a child or two who would cherish a new playmate. He's a stealthy guardian, blending into his surroundings but always vigilant, waiting for his moment to shine. Until that threat arises, he will simply bring joy as the newest member of the family. Wogan has been part of the CPI family since March, is fully trained in the Elite Family And Estate Protection Dog program, and ready to meet his new family.

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