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You probably don't still listen to music on an 8 track or cassette player. Why would you want the equivalent with your dog?
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Our Executive Protection Dogs are known for their impeccable manners, complete off-leash control and viable protection.  

Viable Protection
(your dog’s ability, skills + how he or she is used)

Our protection training for our Executive Protection Dogs is basic, “turn on”, attack and turn off. There is nothing basic about how they go about it.  

The protection within the Executive Protection Dog program revolves around one exercise, the Protective Escape. This exercise provides the owner with the ability to turn their dog “on” (instruct to show aggression) while holding their collar or leash but without pulling. Perhaps more importantly, the Executive Protection Dog will move backwards while showing aggression. The only requirement is to hold their collar and give them the command “Shafen”.

The CPI Difference

To appreciate the CPI difference when it comes to our Executive Protection Dogs is to understand a bit about protection dogs. The majority of dogs trained in dog sports as well as protection dogs require holding them back as they lunge towards the threat while showing aggression. At 65 to 95 lbs, holding a dog back when they are lunging can be somewhat of a challenge.  

Along with the challenge of holding your protection dog back, you are also in the wrong place at the wrong time: standing still in front of the threat, making you a target. What you need to do is move. You need to strategically create distance, move away from the threat, and off the line-of-attack.  Realizing the need for movement at this critical time, we developed the Protective Escape exercise.

Our Executive Protection Dogs start at $25,000.

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