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Nicholas Sparks (author of “The Notebook”) with his two CPI-trained German Shepherds
The Executive Protection Dog by CPI is about the enjoyment of owning a Naked Dog by CPI with the added benefit of having mastered the fundamentals needed to protect you.
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Our Executive Protection Dogs have impeccable manners and as a result of their training in Naked Obedience, you will enjoy complete off-leash control. In addition, your Executive Protection Dog will have the ability to be “turned on” (show aggression) on-command to either a passive or aggressive threat, defend you or your family if required (bite) and stop when instructed.


As our entry-level protection dog, our Executive Protection Dogs are trained to respond to basic commands but to perform them with absolute mastery. Specifically, they need to be able to “turn on” and bite anywhere, anytime. Just as important is a third distinction; respond anywhere anytime to anyone you consider a threat.  Anyone is the operative word. There are aggressive threats where someone is yelling and posturing. More often than not that type of violence happens in movies and dog training videos. A criminal with a gun or knife (home invasion, armed robbery, etc) may be calm, confident and self assured in what they have planned. They are a threat to be sure, although they do not appear to be one. There is also the time when you may feel threatened yet the person approaching is not an actual threat. We want your dog to “turn on” even then. Therefore your dog needs to be prepared for every threat imaginable.

Viable protection without the cost . . .

Our Executive Protection Dogs are ideal for families wanting a viable means of protecting themselves, but without the higher level ability, training or cost of our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog.

You may see some of the Executive Protection Dogs we have for sale on our “For Sale – Trained Adults” page. Please keep in mind that the majority of dogs we sell never make it onto the website. If you do not see a dog that strikes you, please let us know. We may very well already have an Executive Protection Dog that would be ideal for you. We also encourage you to fill out our “pre-purchase questionnaire”.

Our Executive Protection Dogs start at $25,000.

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