Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog




Edgar was raised by a friend of one of our trainers in Europe. He was raised specifically in the hopes of being another candidate for our Elite Family &Estate Protection Dog program. This is no ordinary trainer hoping to raise adog that he can sell to us.  There are alot of those trainers and most of their dogs never measure up. In this casesome of the best dogs we have purchased (like Luxor who we use for breeding)have been raised and trained by this gentleman. He has this uncanny ability toselect puppies who will be huge, striking and powerful. Edgar is no exception.

Edgar is 16 months old sable weighing in at the vet this week at 107 lbs and 67 cm at the shoulders (oversized for the European breedstandard). He was raised with three other males along with his owner’sgrandchildren (5 to 9 years old). Edgar has been extensively socialized, isgreat with toddlers and is overall a very happy, sweet giant of a dog. Whatstands out after his size and personality is his working ability. He is prettylaid back in everyday life as would be expected of a dog Edgar's size. As soonas he is asked to do something Edgar turns into a working machine. When Edgar"goes to work" whether in obedience or protection he isFULL THROTTLE. His obedience is dynamic, his drive extreme and bite is crushing.

For client who like size, sweetness or power, Edgar is the dog.

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