Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in Detroit, MI

1 year
70 lbs (should be 80 lbs at 2 year old)

Dax is a one year old Malinois with rich red pigment contrasted with striking black accents. He has been trained for national/ international level competition. Already Dax's performance in protection is what we usually only see in dog's twice his age. At the same time Dax’s former training, while impressive, is similar to the teenager who wins Karate championships. Impressive, but really only prepared for the sport. That foundation combined with the right mental conditioning and functional self-defense technique designed for the street and you have a warrior. In a very short period of time Dax is taking to “warrior” training like a fish to water.

Dax was raised in an active home with young children and other dogs. His demeanor is very calm unless taken out to chase a ball. Dax's calm demeanor, natural desire to please, long history of training and manners (in training daily since 8 weeks old) combined with our Elite Family & Estate Protection Dog program will make Dax an extremely easy dog to handle. He also happens to be a love bug when it comes to affection!

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