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A video of “Hammer,” an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog
Our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog focuses on protecting you and your family while you focus on getting to the safest place possible.
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Our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog is intended for clients who want the highest level of protection, and from the most extreme threats, despite their relatively low level of everyday risk. As most of our clients enjoy living within very safe communities what is just as important as the protection is how are these extraordinary dogs in everyday life. The answer to that question is – perfect. They have the same personality as a Labrador or Golden Retriever, seeing everyone as their best friend unless told otherwise.

Why an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog?

The crime most clients are concerned about is home invasions. The actual crime that statistically happens more often is the armed robbery. Most armed robberies are crimes of opportunity and take place in driveways and garages. They too can be extremely violent. We encourage people to just Google “home invasion” and the name of their town. The results are usually surprising. Whether a home invasion or armed robbery most criminals are oblivious to pain as a result of narcotics. Your dog will likely need to not only bite, but also fight violent attackers. If your dog is faced with such violent threats two things are needed; the highest level of natural ability and the the highest level of learned fighting skills. While your dog is engaged in the fight, you and those you care most about retreat to the safest place possible.

The Two Second Challenge

Recognizing a threat and responding may be automatic and seem instantaneous, but it’s not. Not with a dog, a handgun or any other means of self defense. It takes 5/8 of a second for your brain to recognize a threat and initiate a response. That’s if your response is automatic. Your dog requires the same synapse in his or her brain to connect the incoming information with the appropriate response. Therefore, your dog needs 5/8 of a second to hear your command and initiate a response. Already just the simple brain function of owner and dog takes 1.25 seconds. Unfortunately, there is only 3/4 of a second left.

At this stage, it is simply a matter of mathematics. Waiting for a dog to get to your side to turn him or her “on” isn’t an option. There’s no time. Instructing a dog to attack from a distance, and him or her covering that distance in 3/4 of a second, isn’t enough time either. Without hesitating, without taking time to find your children, reaching for your phone or anything else, you’re already out of time. The attacker has the upper hand.

This is the same criteria used to evaluate any form of defense within the security or executive protection field. It is with this understanding, and with our clients looking to us and our dogs for security, that led us to create the “Secure”.

The Secure Exercise: Six Behaviors in One Command

The “Secure” exercise solves the problem of time and distance. Owners are taught their first reaction in any situation is to move. Move both away from and off the line of attack. This by itself buys seconds. As you begin to move you issue the command to “Secure”. Your dog performs six separate behaviors as a result of that one command to “Secure”:

1. Your dog immediately runs to your side
2. Your dog analyzes the situation (for the potential threat) as he or she approaches
3. Your dog “turns on” aggressively toward the potential threat
4. Your dog remains by your side, “turned on” until told otherwise
5. Your dog moves with you forward, backward or sideways without the need for you to hold his or her collar or leash
6. Your dog positions him or herself between your body and the threat

Your Executive Protection Dog will remain by your side without biting, unless you’re assaulted or he or she is instructed to attack. This means you can focus on what’s most important: getting yourself and family into the safest place possible. While you focus on what’s most important to you, your dog’s focus is on protecting you. Even when you’re picking up the children to go into the house or bedroom or where ever safe haven happens to be, your dog will remain by your side, turned on, positioned between you and the threat, even if it requires doing so while walking backward and showing aggression.

Before or After-the-Fact

The cost of an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog can be a consideration, especially when compared to the degree of risk. The purchase of an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog is very much the same as purchasing a homeowner’s policy despite the low risk of ever needing it. A significant difference besides just the lower cost of an insurance policy over an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog is that people generally recover after a house fire, or robbery which takes place while they are away from their home. The violence of home invasions and armed robbery, and the mental and emotional trauma that takes place, usually lasts a lifetime. Unfortunately, we know this first hand from new clients coming to us with horrific stories after-the-fact.

The Next Steps

For more information on the Elite Family and Estate Protection Dogs please see our “training program comparison” page. You may want to see some of the Elite Family and Estate Protection Dogs we have for sale on our “For Sale – Trained Adults” page. Please keep in mind that the majority of dogs we sell never make it onto the website. If you do not see a dog that strikes you please let us know. We may very well already have an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog that would be ideal. We also encourage you to fill out our “pre-purchase questionnaire”.

Our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog start at $35,000.

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