Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



2.5 years
70 lbs

For anyone seeking a reliable means of defense and a visual deterrent in a smaller dog, Nax is the perfect choice. Despite his smaller stature in terms of height, Nax compensates with a power-packed, muscular build that demands attention. His sleek black sable coat hints at his commanding presence, and his ever-vigilant demeanor showcases an innate understanding of the role he plays as both a guardian and a loyal companion.

Nax's enthusiasm for play is boundless, with a particular fondness for games like fetch with a ball or a spirited game of tug-of-war. In protection scenarios, Nax's performance is nothing short of remarkable; he's fast, powerful, and intensely focused, making him a formidable protector. Even though he may have a smaller head compared to a 100lb shepherd, his bite is genuinely formidable, often leaving trainers in the bite suit with visible bruises as a testament to his impressive strength and unwavering determination.

What truly sets Nax apart is his exceptional ease of handling, both in everyday life and during protection training. Right from the very first handling session, Nax proves himself to be remarkably cooperative and responsive. While we normally take three days to deliver a dog to a client, his delivery could be done in one day, although we would still deliver him over a 3 day period, it speaks to his ease of handling and desire to please. His intelligence and willingness to please make him an ideal choice for those seeking a protection dog that seamlessly integrates into everyday life while offering top-notch security.

Once he forms a bond with his person, Nax's loyalty becomes unwavering, and his devotion knows no bounds. He's the kind of dog who would follow his owner to the ends of the earth, forging a deep and unbreakable connection. Nax isn't just a protector; he's a cherished and integral member of the family, offering not only security but also companionship that is truly exceptional. Nax is fully trained in our Elite Family And Estate Protection Dog program, and ready for immediate delivery to his new family.

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