Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in Orlando, FL

2 years
80 lbs

Ella found her froever home when her current owner called us looking for a dog that they could take anywhere with their large family of 5 kids and multiple dogs. So, we went on the lookout for the perfect dog for their big family.

We found Ella and instantly they knew she was the one. She was raised with lots of kids and other dogs, which was perfect for their family. But, what impressed them most was her ability in protection. While she is in protection mode, she is extremely intense. Her large for a female size, and high intensity are so impressive that she could easily be mistaken for a male.

After finding Ella, her owner asked us to train four more of his personal dogs. We even trained their ten year old son's dog, a dachshund named Molly, to lick and jump in certain situations to help calm down the boy as well as off leash obedience. Ella is the perfect dog for this family, and is always by their side. They even bring her and Molly to DisneyLand every weekend, where both dogs accompany the family off leash. Both dogs even enjoy getting on as many rides as they can with their new forever family. Now, Nick and his family, much like many others are a part of our CPI family.  

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