Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in Anchorage AK

1 1/2 years old
85 lbs

Challa (registered name is Clint) is the brother of another extraordinary CPI dog named, Cato. They are sons of a famous dog named Uri who has gone to the world championship twice and is one of our favorite stud dogs in all of Europe. As an Uri son we expected strong drive. What Challa has turned into is nothing short of a "beast" when it comes to protection. When "turned on" he sounds and looks like he will explode if he doesn't get to bite. It's something unique to Challa and clearly a very convincing deterrent. Challa was raised around other dogs and cats. His favorite person in the world was a young girl who would use Challa as her pillow. He also led a very active life both in public as well as on the training field daily since he was 8 weeks old.

Challa is one of the most extreme German Shepherds we have had go through our elite program this year. His bear-like appearance, near shedless coat and extraordinary ability makes Challa unmatched and unequalled. If risk is not an option, and you want one-of-a-kind, Challa is the dog for you.

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