Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in NJ

1 1/2 years old
90 lbs

Dino is a happy dog with a very friendly outgoing personality. He was raised in a busy household which included children and other dogs including a Chihuahua. Dino's entire upbringing has been to create a "performer" whether in obedience or protection. In obedience it's developing a high-stepping gate while heeling, then smoothly (almost like floating) as he moves from one command to another. We would be the first to say these qualities add nothing to a dog's functionality. Functionality is central to everything we do. Nevertheless if your dog performs like Dino it's very captivating.

As with all dogs in Europe being raised for competition the ephasis is on developing drive, power and control. In Dino's case they also have emphasised seriousness. This early imprinting and ongoing training has created a "hair trigger" if ever to be called upon. Until his bodyguard skills are needed he remains the fun-loving show off in everyday life.

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