Fully Trained Protection Dogs

Purchasing a Fully Trained Protection Dog

Fully Trained Protection Dog

We offer two types of fully trained dogs; Excutive Protection Dogs and our most advanced, the Elite Family & Estate Protection Dog.

It is our belief that both programs produce “highly trained exclusive companions”. They each have their focus, and represent different levels of natural ability, learned skills and price points.

Executive Protection Dogs


"Executive Protection Dogs" is the most common term in our field. The term in and of itself has no meaning. The term is typically used to describe a dog that has extensive training. In most cases, it is just a European dog with sport training intended for use on a sport field and under very unique conditions. This is not the case at CPI.

Our Executive Protection Dogs have impeccable manners and provide you with complete off-leash control. In protection, our focus is to deter a threat (dog’s ability to show aggression on command), and if needed to physically stop a threat (biting skills) with the control to stop aggression or biting instantly.

Elite Family and Estate Protection Dogs

Our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dogs provide you with the same level of impeccable manners and complete off-leash control as our Executive Protection Program with the addition of what we are convinced is the most advanced level of canine protection available. Anywhere.
When it comes to protection, our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog program has always focused on selecting dogs with advanced ability, teaching advanced biting skills, advanced fighting skills and industry firsts when it comes to advanced handler protection strategies (how they protect you). We have added to our innovations new strategic and covert commands for our Secure exercise. These innovations have the potential to decrease your liability should you ever need to use your dog.

Training Program Comparison Page

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