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About CPI

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It has been the greatest pleasure of my life to have been able to make dog training, specifically protection dog training, my life’s work.

This journey began nearly 20 years ago while still in middle school. I saw anad for Canine Protection International (CPI) in the DuPont Registry while traveling with my family to Virginia to visit my grandmother. Some people may find it strange a 13 year old was reading DuPont registry. Car were my first obsession. I have been obsessed with cars since I could walk. The advertisement had two girls sitting with a gorgeous black and red German Shepherd in it. It captured beauty, power and something soelite or exclusive. I became obsessed with everything about CPI’s dogs and training from that point on. 

Fast forward to my early twenties I was finally able to persuade John, founder of CPI, to take me on as an apprentice trainer. I haven’t looked back ever since. 

Creating advance levels of performance (I have yet to see it anywhere else)such as teaching impeccable manners, complete off-leash control and the most advanced protection available has become my life’s passion. Having always been a people person, the opportunity to learn CPI’s unique way of transferring performance to new owners was fascinating (an art in itself). John noticed early on that my natural way of presenting information and coaching people helped people learn even faster. In time this led to my becoming the lead CPI delivery trainer, as well in charge of follow-up and quarterly maintenance programs. 

Finally, in July of 2022 the long-awaited opportunity presented itself: to move from employee to owner of Canine Protection International! My long awaited (often spoken about) dream come true.

The upcoming few months will see some exciting new changes including moving Canine Protection International from Bedford New Hampshire to Dallas Texas. While moving through this transition, training, follow-up, scheduled maintenance training and sales will run seamlessly. I am committed to bringing the highest level of training and customer service throughout your experience.

With great excitement,

Alex Bois
Managing Director
Canine Protection International (CPI)