Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in Los Angels, CA

2 years
85 lbs

Mustafa has to be one of the most beautiful long-coated German Shepherds that we have ever seen. What stands out the most is Mufasa'a beautiful mane. His mane blends into his chest giving him a lion-like appearance. His personality is larger-than-life, and is happy to share it with any of his "fans". He creates fans just about every where he goes. Mufasa's home life was living in an apartment in the city. He was taken out for bathroom breaks and walks with his owner's young daughter. That transitions Mufasa from being playful outdoors to having gentleman like manners indoors; from boldly playing with an adult to being sensitive with a child is something that comes very natural to him.

Mufasa is a powerful protection dog, and the ultimate family companion.

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