Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in Boston, MA

1 year old
95 lbs

Ozzi is a gorgeous young solid black male who should reach upwards of 100 lbs. His personality when he enters a room is as powerful as his appearance. He commands attention wherever he happens to be. The exception to this "bigger than life" personality is when Ozzi is with children. He seems to have a real affinity for them. Ozzi adapts his personality to match theirs - soft and sensitive (think Arnold Schwarzenegger getting on his hands and knees to baby talk to a toddler - but in a dog).

In protection Ozzi has an extreme desire to bring the fight to whoever the threat happens to be. There he backs it up with raw power and a crushing bite. He was born to be both a lover and warrior. Our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog program will see to it he has the opportunity to be both.

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