Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog




Darel is a very well rounded, standard size black sable with a calm personality. He has a very unique appearance, with his extremely dark and crisp color. His face is particularly striking, with a deep black hue and perfectly blended brown around his eyes. Darel's size is perfect for various activities such as flying, accompanying you to restaurants, riding in cars, and being around children. In protection, Darel’s bark is very powerful, he barks deep and constantly which is very deterring to any possible threat.

Darel could easily be handled by children in protection and will easily turn on to any threat passive or not without any bite equipment. While biting he is extremely confident, strong and clear headed which makes him a dream to handle. His bite is very deep and strong. While barking at a threat he is extremely deterring because of his relentless and deep bark. He barks very consistently and wont stop until given the command “Nough”.

Darel thoroughly enjoys playing with children in day-to-day life and with toys. He is extremely gentle and cautious about his size when interacting with the family. When inside the house, Darrell loves to find a cozy spot to hang out and observe everything that's going on. During his training in Europe, he interacted with the trainers' two small dogs and two young children, aged 8 and 1.5 years old. Darel is naturally well-mannered in a house setting, exhibiting calmness, quietness, and gentleness. These qualities are exactly what we look for in every dog we sell, and in Darel's case, they are easily noticeable due to his calm and easy-going temperament.

Darel’s Pedigree is of an exceptionally high standard. Not only was his father titled in IPO 3, but his grandfather was also highly sought after and sold to China due to his remarkable beauty and exceptional working ability. He spent several years there, fathering many litters before retiring.

On his mother's side, Darel's pedigree boasts a lineage connected to the World Champion of all working breeds. His grandfather won the FCI word Championship of all working dogs. These breeds include German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Schnauzers, and more. This diverse heritage further enhances Darel's exceptional lineage and working potential.

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