Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog




Octane is an extremely large one-year-old black and tan German Shepherd. He is extremely tall and has a substantial body. By two years old he is expected to weigh in at around 110 to 115 lbs. Octane is a friendly, sweet and affectionate dog by nature. He has been raised with children and naturally adjusts his playfulness and affection to match their size. When not interacting like a gentleman with friends and family, Octane is naturally very content with laying down and blending into his environment, no matter what is going on. A feat for such a large dog.

Most German Shepherds that are extremely large and calm usually have little to no drive or working ability. That is certainly not the case with Octane, actually, quite the opposite when it comes to protection. Octane “turns on” instantly, with full power and such intensity it looks like he just might explode. As if his size, power, and intensity was not enough if restrained (held back when turned on) Octane adds to it by lunging and leaping forward, and usually both at the same time.

Octane’s size, color and demeanor clearly communicates “wrong home, wrong family”.

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