Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in Costa Rica


Amir is large 16 month old black sable male with a large head, substantial build, and at 2 ½ years old weighs in at 95 lbs. He has been raised in a home by a K9 officer for law enforcement. As is often common with K9 officers with seniority he was hoping to get special dispensation to use Amir as his official duty dog. Unfortunately the department is no longer making such exceptions and requires only dogs owned by the department to be used for patrol work. That creates a wonderful opportunity for us, and his new owner.

Amir has been raised with two young children (ages 3 and 4years old) and purposely socialized at as many events with children in preparation to do demonstrations in schools for public relations. He is naturally obedient and attentive off-leash even with babysitters handling him.

As with most European training for K9 law enforcement Amir has an excellent foundation with bite suits, muzzle attacks and undercover sleeve work that provides a excellent foundation to progress quickly into our Elite Family & Estate Protection Dog program. Amir is both powerful in protection and loves (thrives on) the feeling of fighting an opponent. These qualities combined with learning advanced biting and fighting skills and our advanced handler protection strategies will make Amir a family guardian hard to match.

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