Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in Los Angeles, CA

1.5 Years

Meet Athos, a 12-month-old German Shepherd, raised in a dedicated police handler's family with two children aged 5 and 7. This upbringing has cultivated a well-rounded temperament, blending protective instincts with a warm family-oriented nature.

Demonstrating a firm grip and focused aggression during protection exercises, Athos showcases high drive and discipline; power and control. This family companion accompanies his owner everywhere, providing a watchful eye, and exhibiting an enthusiastic sense of adventure during car rides.

While living with our trainers family in Europe, Athos is always alert, naturally taking inventory of who should and should not be there, and offering a vigilant bark at any unusual sights and sounds, ensuring the safety and security of his family.

Athos is very comfortable traveling everywhere with his family, his day to day behavior reflects his outstanding training and socialization. His amiable nature allows him to interact harmoniously with other dogs, including those of smaller breeds, making him an excellent choice for households with other pets.

This sociable and vigilant German Shepherd is ready to become a cherished member of a loving family, offering unwavering companionship and reliable protection.

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