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Deter a Threat Before it Takes Place


Alex Bois

How to use your dog for protection
without appearing to do so.

In order to
better understand the use of a dog for protection it’s helpful to take a look
at self-defense with a handgun. In most states you can only defend yourself
with a handgun moments before your life is about to be taken. If you remove
your gun before that you are considered the threat and will be criminally
charged. Thankfully dogs do not have the same status as handguns.  At the same time if you are seen as threatening
an innocent person with anything, including a dog, there are consequences.

Our solution
is the use of the covert command “knock it off”. This command covertly
instructs your dog to come to your side, turn on and remain by your side
regardless of whether you move forward, backwards or sideways.  By saying “knock it off”, it appears to
everyone around you that you are telling your dog to stop barking, when in
reality you are covertly telling him to “turn on”. After aggressively
“reprimanding” your dog with “knock it off “ several times you helplessly
apologize to the person. Inform them that your dog has bitten three people
recently and its probably better to move away. This is the best way to turn
your dog on, without looking like a threat in anyone. To everyone around you,
you just have a barking dog that you are trying to calm down.

You diffuse a
potentially volatile situation, without threatening anyone. A new standard command within our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog program.


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