Naked Dog by CPI


$18,500 to $35,000

2 Years
90 lbs

Uran is a gorgeous son out of Arque, on of the most striking VA dogs we have ever seen. We also have had the pleasure of purchasing Arque as well. We know the bloodlines and breeder well. What stands out with Uran is not just his gorgeous looks, and great personality but he is also very good in protection. That is something difficult to find in show dogs today. Uran is regularly off-leash in town with his owner meeting and greeting people as they stop to admire him.

Uran is available as a Naked Dog by CPI for $18,500, as an Executive Protection Dog for $25,000 or as an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog for $35,000. Once Uran arrives at our training center, and begins training, he will only be available as an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog.


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