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Okay, the name may be a little corny. It was inspired by the children’s Build-a-Bear store. While on our end “building a protection dog” is a lot of work, for you its quite easy. Just take a few minutes to understand the options available, and choose what is important to you.

The first question is do you need to “build a protection dog”? If you want just the basics you can simply purchase an Executive Protection Dog. If you want the most advanced training available anywhere, choose an Elite Family & Estate Protection Dog. The idea of building a protection dog is for those clients that want more than just the basics, but don’t necessarily value all of the advanced training in our elite program or don’t wish to invest the additional cost of an Elite Family & Estate Protection Dog. The Build-a-Protection-Dog option is to provide you with everything you want, and at the right price point.

We encourage you to read over the options available to you. Do feel free to call us with any question, or for help in choosing what will best suit your family’s needs.

Advanced Biting Skills $3,500 (dependant on ability and expereince)

Our advanced biting skills prepares your dog to bite comfortably anywhere on the body, if all things are equal (threat is not using an object to try and block the dog) to focus on the inside of the upper right arm. Also regardless of where they are biting to always be trying to bite fuller and harder.

Basic Fighting Skills $2,500

If you were learning self defense you would never be taught just how to strike. Just as important as striking is blocking a strike. The same is true for a dog. Our basic fighting skills teaches the first the technique of transferring from leg to arm and arm to arm. Once the skill set is taught your dog is taught to use this skill when biting if the person tries to use either arm or hand to hit or grab them, or use a weapon.

Also essential to fighting is overcoming static (still) or dynamic (moving) objects. Many police dogs have been stopped dead in their tracks by someone grabbing as chair and keeping it between them and the dog. This training teaches them how to over come such obstacles.

Advanced Fighting Skills $5,000

Our advanced fighting skills take basic fighting skills and teaches them how to use them. In self defense training it would be the equivalent to sparring. The idea is to integrate the skills while making it more and more difficult to win. This prepares a dog to fight despite difficulty, and overcome mental adversity.

Advanced Control $2,500 - $5,000

Just Google “real life police dogs biting”. You will understand the value of advanced control. K9 Law enforcement may get away with it taking 5 minutes to get their dog to stop biting, they the same will not be true for you. Law enforcement will not tolerate telling your dog to stop biting and you not being able to instantly do so. Not to mention the civil liability in could incur.

When we instruct a dog to “turn off” we expect the dog to do so instantly. Not one extra bark. The same with biting. They must instantly stop biting, even in the midst of the fight. Lastly, you must be able to stop your dog from biting at the last possible second, just as he or she is about tot bite.  

Protective Escape: $1,250

The Protective Escape is the next evolution to the Aggressive Alert included in our Executive Protection Dog program. The Protective Escape enables you to turn your dog on (instruct to show aggression) without pulling and enables you to back your way out of a situation with your dog walking backwards while “turned on”. This exercise does require holding your dog’s collar through this process.

Secure $8,500

The Secure exercise is at the heart of the elite program. The exercise enables you to instruct your dog from a distance to come to your side, turn on and remain by your side regardless of whether you walk forwards, backwards or sideways. All of this off-leash without the need to even touch your dog. While you focus on getting yourself and your children to the safest place possible your dog takes care of protecting you.

We also include options which help to decrease any liability you may encounter should you ever need to use your protection dog.

On-site (home) instruction: $1,850 per day (plus expenses)

If you choose on-site (your home) instruction we personally deliver your dog,  acclimate him or her to you and your family, customize the training as needed and provide instruction to transfer performance from us to you. The structure of this instruction is as unique as is our training. Unlike other in our business we don’t demonstrate your dog’s training on his or her delivery. What he or she does for us is of little value. What matters is what your dog will do for you in your everyday life. To ensure the highest level of performance handling instruction includes work off-leash in public with us at a distance. You first demonstrate your preparation for off-leash in public by being able to maintain the highest level of control while we do everything we can to sabotage you and your dog. If you can maintain control then a walk down the busiest street in your city or town is easy.

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