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Naked Obedience


Naked Dog Training is the training all CPI dogs receive as part of their advanced training. That same training is available through Naked Dog Training to pets of all breeds and ages.


For dog owners who enjoy seeing their dogs off-leash, Naked Dog Training™ is about joy and freedom. It’s about that moment the leash is taken off and your dog begins to run with playful abandon, whether at a dog park on in the backyard. It’s worth enduring the heat of summer and the cold of winter to see the change in your dog’s personality! Naked Dog Training extends that joy and freedom into everyday life, only with manners and complete off-leash control.


Few dogs wear a leash in their homes. Therefore, almost every dog spends most of his days off-leash. Life is a whole lot easier, and enjoyable, when your dog is a Naked Dog™!

For owners who are satisfied with their dog’s behavior off-leash (at home), and simply want functional obedience on-leash, we are happy to be of service. As an alternative, owners may start with an on-leash program and then move into off-leash training.


First and foremost, Naked Dog Training is about functional results. When your dog returns home he or she returns as a “Nearly Naked Dog” (complete off-leash control while wearing a collar). Once your dog’s performance off-leash has been maintained for a period you can transition to having a “Naked Dog” (off-leash control without the need for a leash or collar).

Naked Dog Training is also about the approach we take to achieve complete off-leash control. Your dog’s enjoyment of the process of learning is as important to us as the end result. For more information on Naked Dog Training visit www.NakedDogTraining.com.

NAKED Obedience Foundamentals - $3,500

Unlike Naked Obedience Fundamentals where you’re paying for 10 days of training, with Naked Obedience Extended you are paying for a specific curriculum. While our target is completion in 3 weeks there is no set time. You are paying for functional results. These functional results are results with you handling in your everyday life.

The curriculum includes:​

  • “Easy” (walk on a slack leash)
  • “With me” (relaxed heel)
  • Sit/ Stay
  • Down/ Stay
  • Recall (come)
  • Nay (no or stop)
  • Wait (remain behind natural boundary such as a threshold to a doorway, sidewalk, etc)
  • Only jump up (on people) on command
  • Only jump up (on furniture) in command (unless you want to allow your dog to regularly be up on furniture)
  • “Hupp” (a command directing your dog that it’s okay to jump up on you or furniture)
  • “Off” (a command directing your dog to get off of person or furniture after having been instructed to jump up)
  • Etiquette around people (no inappropriate sniffing, etc)
  • Etiquette around other dogs
  • Home Etiquette (remain calm and well-behaved without needing a command to do so)

We will also address any behavioral issues you may be having with your dog.

NAKED OBEDIENCE Complete - $6,500

This is the Naked Obedience program which has developed our international clientele. The longer we train your dog once he or she has already learned our Naked Obedience Extended program (the time most dogs go home), the more trainers who handle your dog and the more places in public your dog visits the more solidified the performance (obedience, manners and change in behaviors).​

It’s the very same with people. Let’s say a coach were hired to teach an athlete a specific skill which took 3 weeks. Presumably, the athlete would be able to start using these skills functionally the very next week. If instead the coach continued to teach the same material for another 3 weeks using repetition but also integrating the new skills while using established skills and creating confusion and asking for the skills in the midst of it. In all likelihood by the end of 6 weeks these skills learned 6 weeks ago would now be not only habit but second nature. Just replace the coach with our trainers, and the athlete with your dog and that’s our Naked Obedience Complete program.​

We can also add additional commands to your dog’s performance including a formal heel, finish, a command to remain within a 12 to 15 ft radius and just about anything else you may want your dog to learn.

The CPI Style - $9,500

It's one thing to have a dog with impeccable manners and complete off-leash control with a command said once in a normal tone regardless of the situation. That's Naked Obedience Fundamentals. To refine it for ease in initial handling and transition, well that's Naked Obedience Complete.

To have your dog have both the function-ability of both programs but the highly motivated, dramatic style so many CPI dogs are known for requires a lot of time consuming conditioning training which takes place in the very beginning. There is nothing functional about it. The approach just sets the stage for your dog to not just obeying but do motivated and with style.

This approach with fully training CPI dogs takes on average 3 months to create. This 9 week course includes all three Naked Obedience programs and creates a "CPI-esque" performance. We will be happy to show you what you need to do to maintain for your dog's style, and even add to it over time.