Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



2 years old
97 lbs!

We do not remember having a Belgian Malinois as large as Nox in the last 10 years. He is about 90 lbs now at "working weight". In 6 months he should weigh in between 100 and 105 lbs. That's a ginormous Malinois! The one downside to purchasing a Malinois for protection is often their size (usually 65 to 70 lbs) combined with not being recognized as a protection dog. You just don't get the same level of deterrent with the Belgian Malinois as you do with a German Shepherd. Not so with Nox. His size combined with the dark appearance, and physical presence, makes him a very convincing deterrent. The raw power and speed Nox puts into protection will ensure you are protected from the most violent of attackers.

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