Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



1 Year

Ira is in a very special class of dogs that we would call exquisite. A class she shares with few equals. Exquisite really describes just about every aspect of her. Starting with Ira’s appearance, she is perfect structure (placed top in her class), striking black sable color with stenciling that looks to be painted on. She is refined in such a way that it adds to her beauty rather than appearing to be lacking in size. When you add to this her gorgeous plush coat it creates an overall impression of more than just beautiful or elegant. Her appearance is exquisite.

Ira’s personality is no different than her appearance. She carries herself with a regal air to her that is extremely dignified. She is consumed by her owner without being needy or overly dependent. She thoroughly enjoys just laying beside them mesmerized. Even when engaged in play with a family friend she is clearly always aware of where “mom and dad” are and what they are doing. Again, qualities that may seem needy but are born out of desire rather than insecurity. To be the object of such devotion is so unique she has our seasoned trainer anxious to get home just to be together.

Then we turn to performance. Ira has such EXTREME desire to work (perform) that her energy, drive and intensity in just obedience training can leave her exhausted in the span of 20 minutes. We actually had Ira checked to be sure there wasn’t a physical component like an issue with her heart. Ira is in perfect condition. She uses so much adrenaline and energy with her desire to please, that she can exhaust herself when tasked to perform over and over again as is done in competitive obedience. That term competitive is a good description as Ira is not only fully prepared to earn the IPG III, she is ready to do so with high scores. As she is too young to compete even at IPG 1 level she was entered on ZVV competition and earned scores of 99 at just 17 months of age.

Her beauty is wonderful as is her personality, and always appreciate stylish obedience. At the end of the day we aren’t breeders looking for the ultimate female for our breeding program, we are a protection dog company. Protection is where Ira stands out the most. She has it all: extreme drive, extreme bite, extreme intensity (aggression) and extreme in her speed/entry. She thrives on being threatened and having the opportunity to bring a fight to her opponent. Given Ira’s beauty and regal stature, seeing her showing aggression and engaging a threat is like seeing a princess suddenly throw down her crown and attack someone as if everyone’s life depended on it. There is no stopping this girl.

It was a privilege to be able to purchase Ira. Also a shame she will likely never be used for breeding. Given the cost to procure her she is destined to be someone’s “highly trained exclusive companion”. A position she will thoroughly enjoy, and fulfill with passion.

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