Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to Khaled E of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Forte is one of the three most powerful German Shepherds we have come across in the last ten years. And we see a lot of dog! His power is pure drive, it's extraordinary physical strength (bone crushing bite) as well as mental toughness. As a result Forte's nickname with his trainers is "The Beast". When it comes to Forte's obedience it is very similar to his protection. Whether he is heeling, being told to "sit", "down" or just about anything, it is done with speed, power and pizzazz. For such a large powerful dog Forte is quite laid back once inside the home. As one trainer pointed out after spending a weekend with her, Forte naturally knows when to simmer, but can be brought into a boil at a moments notice. We consider Forte among the once-in-a-lifetime type dogs.

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