Naked Dog by CPI


Sold to Peter G. of Atlanta, GA

2 Years
85 lbs

Emir is a beautiful young solid black (least amount of shedding) male German Shepherd with a background in dog sports (titled). He has grown up in a family with young children, has been socialized extensively and loves people. Emir's everyday obedience is so flashy he looks like he's always putting on a performance. He is also very powerful in protection in drive, willingness to engage and intensity of his bite. Emir is very capable of learning to defend his family from a violent attacker (home invasion, etc). As with so many of the dogs we select outside of protection you would never guess it. As a result, Emir is the perfect dog for all three of our training programs.

Emir is available as a Naked Dog by CPI for $18,500, as an Executive Protection Dog for $25,000 or as an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog for $35,000. Once Emir arrives at our training center, and begins training, he will only be available just as an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog.



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