Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog


Sold to: Client in West Palm Beach, Florida

1 Year

Meet Caine, a stunning 1-year-old solid black German Shepherd weighing in at a robust 80. Caine comes from a long line of protectors, with his father being a full time four legged body guard for the rich and famous across the pond. He is also a social boy, having been raised with 2 other dogs, and his best buddy, a small boy that he considered his brother from another mother.

Caine's training makes him extremely versatile. He knows how to identify a threat, and when to blend into the background.A gentle giant, Caine, adjusts his level of play to ensure his small friends will experience nothing but joy when playing with him. Our high level obedience training means never having to repeat a command, and always obeying with a smile on his face. This pups personality and good looks immediately draws a crowd, but the attention he desires most is that of his family, his new pack.

If you are looking for a protector, playmate, and friend for life, look no further. Caine will give you the peace of mind you want, the obedience that you deserve, and  companionship that will last a lifetime. Priced at 45k, this special dog will not last long

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