Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



2 years
65 lbs

The three things that stand out with Bira when you meet her is she is on the smaller side for a female, anytime she is given a command its like watching a performance (she is fast, stylish and typically prances beside her owner like a Lipizzan or Saddlebred) and she is tenacious in protection. We have also trained Bira to function as a Mobility Assist Service Dog. She will "brace" on command in order to provide stability and balance. Bira comes with a custom made Mobility Assist Service Dog harness. Bira is great with children and has always been perfect around every dog she meets.

As only 5% of our sales are females, and Bira is on the smaller side, we've decided to make her available with our elite program and service dog training for $25,000. A savings of $10,000 off of the price of an entry-level Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog. Also, there is nothing "entry-level" about her ability.

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