Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



4 1/2 years old
100 lbs +

Bear is a once-in-a-lifetime type dog. The way he was initially described to us is "three dogs in one". We purchase a lot of really amazing dogs. We thought it was a bit of an exaggeration but clearly he must be a really great dog. It was not an exaggeration. Everything about Bear is extreme. In obedience we refer to him as doing "power obedience" (not a real term but very applicable) because of the speed, precision and even power he puts into it. His protection is off-the-charts. EXTREME drive, EXTREME bite (actually a devastating bite) and EXTREME when fighting. Even his personality is extreme. Bear is extremely friendly with everyone. When at home, not being asked to perform, he is extremely calm and laid back.

As for backgrounds, Bear was raised and trained to be competitive in European dog sports. We purchased Bear specifically for one of our best clients (and close friend of the CPI's owner), and trained him for about 9 months in our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog program. Bear's owner then flew from Saudi Arabia to Boston where he stayed for several months in order to work with him at CPI daily! Then Bear finally flew with his "Dad" to his new home on the Red Sea.

Bear has spent the last year enjoying living in a home with two children whom he adores. An incredible life for a really incredible dog. Then life happened. First a divorce, and then Covid wreaking havoc with their family business. As a result Bear has had to spend long hours at home alone, and with no end in sight. It is with love and affection for Bear the decision has been made to sell him.

We will share the same advice we had with his first "Dad": In all likelihood Bear will be your last dog. After spending time with him, no other dog can even remotely come close.

Bear with his "brother and sister"

Bear at home

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