Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog




At just 13 months of age, Badi is a spectacular looking solid black male with great bone structure, impressive build, and a powerful head. Badi’s appearance will only become more impressive as he matures.  

Like his brother Bodi (sable male also for sale) Bad was raised specifically for us. Normally this means an emphasis on functionality even though that’s something we bring to training once at our training center. It’s always nice when dogs have a head start. In Bad’s case his owner found he was a natural performer and therefore trained him to not only be functional but flashy and stylish as well.

Badi’s protection is not only powerful, but also extreme in nature. Badi’s entry (being sent to attack someone) is said to be like being hit by a freight train – and at high speeds! A real force to be reckoned with. He is also naturally protective of his home.

Badi was raised with two children (2 and 5 years old), his brother Bodi, and a male Malinois. It’s natural for Bodi to be compatible with other dogs. What stands out when living with Badi, is the end of the day when Badi shares his sweetness. His personality goes from enjoying companionship to almost puppy-like affection with those he loves. Of course that can change at a moments notice if called upon to protect.

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