Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



1 1/2 years old
85 lbs

Azor is a one-and-a-half-year-old dark sable male. His background is a little different than most European dogs. Azor's father is a working police dog. Azor was purchased to do commercial security work. He has strong drive, intense aggression when turned on and an excellent bite. Azor's one fault "on the job" was he was suppose to look like a convincing deterrent (maybe the dog equivalent of Client Eastwood as Dirty Harry). They expected this even outside of doing protection. Unfortunately for them (good for us), unless Azor is "turned on" to a potential threat Azor clearly communicates with his wagging tail and happy personality that he loves everyone. Again, a great quality for us, not so good for this security work. We are excited that Azor will now get to openly love everyone yet also be able to protect home and family when needed.

Azor is available for purchase as an Executive Protection Dog for $25,000 or as an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog for $35,000.

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