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Importing European Dogs vs. Kennel Breeding: What's best for a family protection dog?


Alex Bois

In the world of high-end protection dogs, the pursuit of excellence demands a commitment to unparalleled standards. At Canine Protection International, we have revolutionized our approach by steering away from conventional in-house breeding programs, and the importing of titled sport dogs passed off as protection dogs. Instead, we've established an exclusive network of partnerships with the finest breeders in Europe to source top-tier dogs that not only meet but exceed our stringent criteria for personal protection. We select the one percent, of the one percent to allow into our program.

The Myth of Breeding Programs

While breeding programs are common in the canine industry, we at Canine Protection International recognize the challenges they pose in consistently producing dogs of exceptional quality. The truth is, even with meticulous planning and selective breeding, the likelihood of a dog passing our rigorous training program is highly unlikely. We would have to have hundreds of litters in order to select only a few dogs deemed worthy of our program. Our commitment to excellence drives us to take a more pragmatic and effective route in obtaining elite protection dogs.

European Excellence

Europe is renowned for its exceptional breeding standards and a deep-rooted tradition of producing dogs with superior skills and temperament. At CPI, we've cultivated exclusive partnerships with the most reputable breeders across the continent. Our international division is constantly testing these dogs to see if they meet our rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the very best makes its way to our training facility here in Dallas, Texas.

Practical Real-Life Protection Training

One distinctive aspect of our approach is the emphasis on sourcing dogs that have been raised within families and trained for practical, real-life personal protection. We believe that a protection dog should seamlessly integrate into your daily life, adapting to various environments and scenarios. Unlike most of the highly unregulated protection dog industry which imports dogs trained solely from sport or competition backgrounds, our carefully chosen canines bring a unique blend of real life skills, intelligence, adaptability, and loyalty to the table. Here at CPI we do not agree with importing titled sport dogs, and passing them off as personal protection dogs. 

Schutzhund and Sport Dogs with Titles

Canine Protection International stands apart from the crowd by refusing to compromise on the authenticity of our protection dogs. While we love dog sports, we do not seek out Schutzhund or sport dogs with titles and repurpose them for personal protection. While some dogs we sell are titled, we focus on dogs that have undergone training specifically tailored for real-world situations, ensuring that their skills are not confined to a controlled environment but are applicable in the unpredictable scenarios that may arise in everyday life. In summary, it is not all about a title, it is about what the dog is at their core, and the socialization and training they have had off the trial field.

The Canine Protection International Advantage

Our commitment to sourcing elite protection dogs from the best European breeders sets us apart in the industry. By meticulously curating our selection of dogs and prioritizing real-life training over titles and accolades, Canine Protection International guarantees that every dog we provide is a true embodiment of excellence in functional personal protection.

In conclusion, while creating an in-house breeding program may seem like a logical route for many, our experience has shown that the most efficient and reliable path to excellence in protection dogs lies in sourcing from the finest breeders all over Europe. Canine Protection International's commitment to quality over quantity ensures that our clients receive a companion that not only meets but exceeds their expectations in terms of skill, temperament, and real-world protection capabilities.

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