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Fully Trained Dogs

Overview – Purchasing a Fully Trained Dog

Fully Trained Dogs

We offer three types of fully trained dogs, the Naked Dog by CPI, the Executive Protection Dog and our most advanced the Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog. It is our belief that all three types of dogs are “highly trained exclusive companions”. They each have their focus, and represent different levels of natural ability, learned skills and price points.

The Naked Dog by CPI

Our Naked Dog by CPI is a European imported German Shepherd trained by us to have impeccable manners and provide you with complete off-leash control by simply using a command once, in a pleasant tone, regardless of the situation.

Executive Protection Dogs

"Executive Protection Dogs" is the most common term in our field. The term in and of itself has no meaning. The term typically is used to describe a dog that a trainer considers to have a lot of training. In most cases it is just European dog sport training intended for use on a sport field and under very unique conditions.

Our Executive Protection Dogs provide you with the same level of impeccable manners and complete off-leash control as our Naked Dogs by CPI, but with the added benefit of the ability to deter a threat (dog’s ability to show aggression on command), manageability (does not pull while showing aggression), ability to physically stop a threat (biting skills) and strategically retreat (walk backwards while showing aggression). It is the innovation of our Protective Escape exercise that sets the protection portion of this program from others in our field.

Elite Family and Estate Protection Dogs

Our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dogs provide you with the same level of impeccable manners and complete off-leash control as our Naked Dogs by CPI with the addition of what is the most advanced level of canine protection available. Anywhere.

When it comes to protection our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog program has always focused on selecting dogs with advanced ability, teaching advanced biting skills, advanced fighting skills and industry firsts when it comes to advanced handler protection strategies (how they protect you).

As of 2018 we have added what we believe is absolutely essential: A WAY OF DRAMATICALLY REDUCING OR ELIMINATE YOUR LIABILITY SHOULD YOU USE YOUR DOG FOR PROTECTION. To better understand and appreciate the benefit of reducing liability please visit of Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog page.

Training Program Comparison Page

We encourage you to visit our “Training Program Comparison” page for a detailed list of what is included in each program.