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Fully Trained Dogs

Overview – Purchasing a Fully Trained Dog

We are first and foremost an international training center. We happen to also sell extraordinary fully-trained dogs for home and family. The types of dogs, and their training programs, continues to change with the demand for our dogs. If our dogs, or training programs are not a perfect fit just let us know. We will be happy to work with you in order to select the perfect dog and custom training program.

Fully Trained Dogs

We offer three types of fully trained dogs, the Naked Dog by CPI, the Executive Protection Dog and our most advanced the Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog.

The Naked Dog by CPI

Our Naked Dog by CPI is a European bred German Shepherds trained by us to have impeccable manners and provide you with complete off-leash control by simply using a command once, in a pleasant tone, regardless of the situation.

Executive Protection Dogs

"Executive Protection Dogs" is the most common term in our field. The term in and of itself has no meaning. The term typically implies a dog who a trainer considers to have a lot of training. In most cases it is just European training designed for use in European dog sports.

Our Executive Protection Dogs provide you with the same level of impeccable manners and complete off-leash control as our Naked Dogs by CPI, but with the added benefit of providing your family with a basic level of protection, should you ever need it.

Elite Family and Estate Protection Dogs

Our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dogs are our most highly trained dogs, and offer the highest level of protection. Their training includes the impeccable manners and complete off-leash control of our Naked Dogs by CPI, and very advanced levels of protection designed specifically for two types of threats: home invasions and robbery/ assaults.

Home invasions are typically the greatest concern to our clients. Robberies and assaults are still statistically the greater threat to most families and most commonly take place in driveways and garages.

Our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dogs are trained to be able to accompany you and your family throughout your every day life whether dropping the kids off to school, attending their soccer games or running errands. He or she is the ultimate companion, warm and friendly with everyone he or she meets, and provides viable protection should you ever need it.

Training Program Comparison Page

We encourage you to visit our “Training Program Comparison” page for a detailed list of what is included in each program.