Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



1 Year

Meet Corey, a 1-year-old Belgian Malinois who was raised with a family in K9 law enforcement. His owner, the head instructor at the national police training center, has not only passed on his expertise to Corey but has also shared the love and companionship of Corey's father, a distinguished police K9.

Growing up, Corey spent significant time amidst the intricacies of police work, experiencing various training scenarios and environments. His ability to perform police work became apparent early on in training, however his gentle side made him the ideal protector for a family. Weighing in at 75lbs, Corey might appear to be all about duty, but there's a tender side to him. He has a special fondness for children, always ready for playful interactions.

A notable chapter in Corey's life is his bond with the trainer's son, from whom we had the privilege to purchase Corey. Their connection was deep, evident in the way the young boy cherished and loved Corey, further attesting to Corey's loving nature.

Among Corey's many traits, his ease of handling stands out. Responsive and eager to please, he effortlessly builds a rapport with those around him, making him a pleasure to have in any home.

Corey isn't merely a protection dog; he embodies love, loyalty, and dedication. Trained by the best, he's primed for those who desire both safety and a deep bond. Corey will soon be ready to embark on a new journey with a family that appreciates his rich history and cherishes his companionship.

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