About CPI:


About CPI



For first time visitors, welcome to our website. We invite you to also visit us in person in order to have first hand experience with the CPI Difference.

First, a little bit about us and purchasing a protection dog. We entered the protection dog market in 1997 with the idea that if we purchased the finest dogs Europe had to offer, and provided the most advanced training, clients would seek us out. That they have and in numbers we never would have imagined.

Our first efforts to differentiate from others within the field was with our training. This included educating potential clients that a dog trained in European dog sport is prepared for just that, dog sports. That functional obedience and protection must be provided if the dog is to be relied upon. Over time, and to our surprise, even Europeans began purchasing fully trained European dogs from us.

Today potential dog owners are still bombarded by sport titles. It seems more and more pedigrees, exotic locations, fancy facilities, celebrity clients and most recently even pet tricks are used to who potential buyers. What we have always promoted is our dogs, and our training. At the end of the day, when your dog arrives at your home that is the only thing that will matter. The rest are distractions from what is truly important. We say this not because we are lacking a celebrity clientele, or that we don’t purchase dogs who are extremely accomplished in sport. Our training center is on twenty-four acres outside of historic Boston Massachusetts. All of that is nice, but it’s just not what matters most. Hopefully the caliber of dogs, and our training, is what comes across in everything we do.

A close second to the caliber of dogs and their level of training is experience, professional judgment and longevity within our field. The only thing worse than buying a protection dog that doesn’t protect is one that is untrustworthy with your family. Who you purchase your dog from is important. Next would be long term reliability when it comes to client care and support. We see owners invest significant amounts of money from trainers who are out of business within a few short years. The ability of a company to stand behind your dog’s purchase, and their training, is important. Your purchase from CPI is a relationship with us for the life of your dog. One you can depend upon to be there throughout their life.

We look forward to serving our new clients, as well as those returning.

Warm regards,

Ruth Whittaker
Managing Director