Behind The Scenes With CPI

Your Protection Dog – Customized

Our customizing of training goes far beyond just preparing dogs for swimming pools or air travel.

CPI Training at just 8 Months Old!

A video demonstrating the difference in CPI puppies and their training.

Advanced Fighting Skills (Early On)

Our teaching advanced Fighting Skills early on.

Protection Dog Video Filmed as MMA Fight (For Entertainment)

A video showing advanced fighting skills. We filmed this video as a spoof on an MMA fight. Serious training filmed for entertainment (yours and ours!).

Protection Dog Training – At 16 Weeks Old!

A video of our protection training with puppies at 16 weeks old.

Visitor to CPI (JD and Jet)

A visitor, JD from Charlotte, handling one of our dogs for the first time. JD has never owned a trained dog, nor has he ever handled one of our dogs. This footage is after 10 minutes of instruction.

Client Spotlight

Mark Levin MD (Chief of Anesthesiology)

Dr Levin shares his experience of owning two male German Shepherds from CPI. The video includes great footage of the dogs in his building, elevators, in the city (off-leash), and protection.

Nicholas Sparks (author of The Notebook, Dear John)

Nicholas shares his experience of purchasing his German Shepherd female Lara from CPI. He also shares his experience of having Rex, a male German Shepherd with dog aggression issues, trained by CPI.

Brian Parsly (Weskill Management Training; Charlotte, North Carolina)

As a father Brian Parsley shares his initial apprehension of bringing a protection dog into his home.

Phin and Lobo

A great video of off-leash training in everyday life. In this case an interesting life with Phin as he goes about his day with Lobo.

Steven Seagal (Actor; Martial Artist)

Steven first shares his twenty years of experience in purchasing dogs directly in Europe. He then shares the difference in now purchasing his dogs from CPI.

Mark Smith (Entrepreneur; Nerium International) Laguna Beach, CA

Mark Smith with his Belgian Malinois taken during "Hammer's" three day delivery.

Allie and Elmo

This is Allie's first time with her dog Elmo off-leash in public! Great job Allie. Especially with one leg in a cast. Wow!