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Upcoming Instability: Who Should own a Protection Dog?


Alex Bois

Potential for Upcoming Food Shortages in U.S.


The New York Times and The Washington Post have quoted John Tyson (Tyson Foods) saying that the food supply chain is "breaking" and "vulnerable." So far we have already seen a 25% decrease in meat moving through the supply chain this week. This is only the beginning of May. What happens with a resurgence in the virus after states reopen businesses? What happens if we continue to see decreases in infections but the virus returns with a vengeance this fall as many predict? What happens if as states reopen we see crowds as we did last weekend in California? The answer is we don’t really know what will happen. As unfathomable as it seemed not too long ago the risk of our society becoming unstable seems to be more and more a possibility. In turn, we see an upsurge in security-related sales.

For the first time, we’ve had to ask ourselves who should own a protection dog? In the past, we always thought everyone could benefit from one of our dogs. That it was unfortunate that not just anyone can afford one. Well the Covid-19 virus has changed our thinking.

We now receive calls from people who want the added security of a protection dog but don’t even like dogs. Even stranger, we’ve taken calls from people that hate dogs but are thinking about buying one anyway. This would be hard to imagine just a short time ago. If you hate dogs you don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy one. That’s no longer the case. 

If you hate dogs and call us it’s going to be a very short conversation. If you’ve never owned a dog, or maybe never met a dog you’ve ever liked, but you’re thinking about purchasing one then we can talk. While never having never met a dog you liked is suspect, sometimes it actually makes sense.

Let’s say you’ve never owned a dog. Let’s say your only experience of dogs is being jumped on when you walk into your friend’s house, then sexually assaulted by their dog’s nose only to then be assaulted by the smell of dog everywhere. Then not liking dogs can actually make a lot of sense.  

We propose the question; “if you could own a dog that had impeccable manners (everywhere and at all times), and you had complete off-leash control of your dog, would that change your experience?” Unless you’ve crossed over into hating dogs it’s easy to answer yes to the question.The next question we ask is usually “could you imagine such a dog being enjoyable to be around?” Might you enjoy their companionship? For most people, these questions get answered favorably. Where potential candidates get separated from a fully trained dog being a good idea versus not when it comes to sacrifice. Are they willing to make sacrifices?

Our clients who have owned dogs previously to purchasing one from us usually find our dogs to be so easy to own. If you’ve never owned a dog, there are certain sacrifices that need to be made. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to sleep in until late morning that may be a problem. Dogs usually wake up when the sun rises and they hear activity. They can wait a couple of hours but eventually nature calls. They will need to go out. Do you want to go away for the weekend? You’ll need to make sure the boarding kennel has room. There are doctor’s visits just like with children. There’s dog food to buy. Sometimes water to wipe up after they drink (some are sloppier than others).

There are lots of ways today to decrease the time required for pet care. There are mobile groomers who come to your house. Dog walkers. Services that come to your house weekly to pick up your dog’s messes in the yard. There are kennels that offer pick up and drop off services. Even mobile vets make house calls. While taking care of a fully trained dog has never been easier these are all needs that must be thought of, and addressed, in some fashion.

We aren’t scandalized by people interested in purchasing dogs with no prior experience. Nor are we deterred by people who aren’t dog lovers.If you’re not particularly fond of dogs that is not an issue either. There are plenty of people who really don’t like kids but find themselves becoming parents. They may still not love other children but they usually love, cherish, and care for their own, and it can be similar with dogs as well.

The one last piece that we feel strongly about is this: can you imagine having your dog with you all of the time? If you’re willing to make sacrifices but aren’t willing to have that type of relationship then we propose don’t do it. Or you certainly can’t purchase one from us. The reason is simple.Our dogs, like most people, want to love and be loved. They thrive on personal relationships with others. They will also be there to protect you. Protecting is probably not what their everyday life will look like. Interacting with you, and your family will likely be what takes up their time. Like you, they too deserve to be happy. To have close, personal, fulfilling relationships. Why not let the dog you were thinking of buying go to someone else who will really enjoy them?

For those who hate dogs but want the added security: buy another gun, add to your alarm system, go jump in a lake, just don’t call us!

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