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Covid-19: We are Open for Business


April 6, 2020


Ruth Godinez

Canine Protection International as well as Naked DogTraining are open for business. The State of New Hampshire and Commonwealth ofMassachusetts considers both businesses to be “essential”.  

Dogs in Training (dogs purchased or sent to us for training): As far as our training schedule it is business as usual. The only change is clients are no longer allowed inside of the training center.

Visits: Visits by existing clients are available (we have your dog), by appointment, and will be done outdoors. We require everyone to wear gloves and masks (we provide them).Dogs can not be pet (can transfer virus on coat). If weather does not permit being outdoors (rain), and the visit can not be rescheduled, clients can follow us to a parking garage to be out of the elements.

Handling Instruction: Handling instruction for local clients are available with great precaution taken. The initial verbal instruction of handling principles, commands and use of training equipment (usually done sitting at a table) is now done by video conference using either Facetime, Messenger or WhatsApp. The next stage of instruction where we demonstrate handling skills with a dog is also conducted through videoconferencing (us demonstrating with a dog the training principles spoken of previously). When it comes to the owner handling instruction is conducted outdoors. Everyone wears masks and gloves (provided by us). We do not share handling equipment. If we need to handle your dog we will snap our leash on to their collar and step away. You then approach to remove your leash without touching ours. For remote training the dog will wear two collars so we never share the same remote. These protocols will remain in place for a period of time after the risk is said to be over.

Out-of-StateDeliveries:  All new out-of-state deliveries, follow-up or handling instruction (for dogs sent to us for training) are postponed until after Covid-19 peaks and the number and rate of infections are greatly reduced. The exception to this is for high-risk clients, or those in crisis situations. We will make an exception if there is a safe way of travel. These deliveries are expected to require driving. We are prepared to travel as far west as Kansas City, and as far south as Miami. However there will be an additional charge for such deliveries.

Sales: We continue to purchasing dogs as well as selling fully trained ones. For those dogs we have purchased but still in Europe: we have arrangements in place to transport dogs across closed borders. What we can’t overcome are the embargos put into effect in Europe by the airlines in order to limit transport to essential goods. We have many airlines and airports to choose from as soon as the embargos are lifted or additional airlines begin to operate. As of the week of April 5 it looks promising to have some of the airlines reopen and beginning to transport cargo as soon as next week.

As of April 13th if we do not have shipments scheduled we will begin remote training sessions (linking our training room to theirs through video conferencing) with our trainers in Europe. Our European trainers are very talented and usually do foundational training while dogs are waiting to be shipped. In these circumstances we will begin having our formal training being conducted in Europe. This approach will enable us to have training progressing rapidly in spite of dogs not yet being able to be shipped.