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May 16, 2019


Ruth Godinez

On May 17th we will stop offering our Naked Dogs by CPI, leaving two categories of fully trained dogs: Executive Protection Dogs and Elite Family & Estate Protection Dogs.

We will be changing our Executive Protection Dog program from including the Protective Escape to “turn on” and return to the AggressiveAlert. This change in exercises does not diminish the ability to have your dog “turn on” in a moments notice. It does change the time required by us for training. As a result we are reducing the cost from $25,000 down to $18,500!

These changes mean functional protection for our clients at a more affordable price. It also enables us to start our “Build-a-Protection-Dog” option.


Often clients want more than just our Naked Obedience and Aggressive Alert but don’t necessarily want pay for everything included in our EliteFamily & Estate Protection Dog program. Those clients now have an option. Choose the options that have value and add them to the Executive Protection Dog program.  

These training options will include:

Advanced Biting Skills          $1,250

Protective Escape                $1,850

Secure                                  $5,000

Advanced Fighting Skills      $5,000

Advanced Control                 $3,000

On-site (home) instruction  $1,250/day (plus expenses)

The purchase of a dog in our Elite Family and EstateProtection Dog provides a 10% savings over ”building a protection dog”. For the next 5 days our pricing for Executive Protection Dogs will change to $18,500but the program will remain the same. That means $25,000 in value at the new price of $18,500.