The CPI Difference

Complete off-leash control, anywhere, anytime, with a command said once in a pleasant tone regardless of the situation. Of course, viable protection through advance biting and fighting skills and handler protection exercises such as our “Secure” which make all the difference.


Our pre-delivery electronic instruction begins the process of learning. On the delivery you will receive handling instruction that transfers performance from us to you, regardless of not having prior experience with dogs. We further ensure your long-term success by scheduling in advance remote in-home follow-up instruction through the use of video conferencing. Our video conferencing brings our Director of Training into your home for as short or as long a period as needed. He will be able to watch you with your dog, provide instruction as well as demonstrate with a dog in our training room – whatever changes in handling may be needed.

All of this instruction is without the expense of our trainers traveling to your home, nor any additional charge for the actual instruction.

Your Long-Term Satisfaction

Your family’s experience of your dog, both now and in the coming weeks, months and years has as much to do with support as it has to do with the caliber of dog, their training and the instruction that transfer performance from us to you.

Our commitment to supporting you and your family begins with fostering a culture of “extreme ownership” whether you are dealing with a kennel tech during a visit to CPI, your delivery trainer, or a receptionist. Every member of our staff’s focus is to ensure your experience of your dog remains everything it can be, everything you hoped for, and a whole lot more.  

Our newest program is a CPI app, exclusive to our clients, to communicate with our Kennel Manager on matters of feeding and care, our Training Manager on matters of performance, our Lead Delivery Trainer in preparation for your delivery, and Client Care for anything or everything. Of course, we are just a phone call away as well.