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The Naked Dog by CPI

Dignified, Majestic & Noble
Because you can control your dog off-leash anywhere anytime means you don’t have to be controlling. That means freedom for both you as well as your dog.
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If you appreciate the devotion and majesty of the German Shepherd Dog, and their appearance alone provides enough added security, then the Naked Dog by CPI is likely the perfect choice.

What is a Naked Dog by CPI?

Dogs enjoy freedom. They thoroughly enjoy being off-leash, and even more so when they are free of everything – including a collar. Through our training Naked Dogs by CPI learn to respond instantly to a command said once in a normal tone regardless of the situation. However when their Naked Dog Training is completed they are technically “nearly naked dogs” as they still wear a collar when off-leash. Most dogs wear a collar for six to twelve months before no longer requiring one.

Enjoyable from the Very First Day

In contrast to most family pets known for pestering guests, requiring long walks to relieve themselves and endless commands for an semblance of control, your Naked Dog by CPI will be a pleasure from the very first day. A pleasure not only for yourself, your family, your guests and but anyone who ever meets this newest member of your family.

Impeccable Manners

Your dog’s impeccable manners truly makes a difference. Of course your dog is trained for such basics such as only jumping on command, not begging for food during meals nor any nuisance barking. The benefit of their going to the bathroom on command and in a specific location means remaining indoors during freeing rain, snow or when sleeping in and still in your bathrobe. Just simply choose an assigned spot that you can see from your doorway. You are free of the routine chore of taking your dog for a walk three times a day. You can still enjoy taking him or her on walks, it’s just not necessary.

Indoor Manners

A dog can have impeccable manners and still be demanding. Their demanding nature is usually connected with playfulness and affection along with the energy that can accompany the two. Our solution is to teach dogs to have house manners. This might be likened to children being asked to use their “inside voice” when at a doctor’s office or restaurant.

Your dog will know that he or she will need to be quite and still as soon as he or she crosses over the doorway into your home. This understanding of quite and still should be maintained for the first 90 days in order for it to become his or her indoor manners in your home. On a long term basis you can even play with your dog indoors should you choose, but as soon as you’re finished your dog will return to their indoor manners.

Naked Obedience

You will enjoy complete off leash control of your dog including the formal heel, relaxed heel (remain within 2 foot radius), formal down/ stay, informal down/ stay, down-in-motion, sit/ stay, sit-in-motion, formal recall (come), informal recall, bedtime (lay on a dog bed or in specific location), jump (onto people, into vehicles, etc), wait (stay behind natural boundary), off (if invited to jump up), release toy.

In other words, there is always a command that enables you to have complete off-leash control whenever and wherever needed. Perhaps best of all is the fact that you can control your dog anywhere and at anytime means you don’t actually have to. You can allow your dog to enjoy freedom off-leash, and then use control as needed.

Integrating Naked Obedience & Manners

The icing on the cake is we take your dog home as part of the finishing process. Your dog lives their manners, their off-leash control, in our everyday lives after hours and on weekends.

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