Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog




As a general rule the larger the dog, and the darker the dog, the greater the deterrent. Therefore females are naturally at a disadvantage due to size. Not so in the case of Vera. As you can see in the pictures below, not only is Vera extremely large and very impressive but she looks the same as other males when side by side. Vera was the pick-of-the-litter, raised by a dog sport enthusiast and trained for high level competition. She grew up with children (really enjoys them), and other dogs.

If Vera is purchased as a companion to a male trained in our elite program we can add an additional command "Ekkay" to her training program. The "Secure" command would instruct both dogs to come to your side, "turn on" and remain by your side off-leash regardless of whether you walk forward, backwards or sideways. This additional command "Ekkay" would instruct one of the dogs (usually the female) to attack while at the same time it instructs the other dog to remain by your side in the "Secure". A very useful option to manage a threat (dog attacking them) while still having viable protection by your side as you seek safe haven.

Vera is available as an Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog for $65,000.

Vera on the right next to a large male!

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