Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog




Mike was raised by one of the most successful female dog sport competitors in Europe. He was raised along side his father who has competed consistently at the top dog sports including at the world championship. Like his father Mike's performance is flashy, extremely precise, and pretty advanced given his 14 months of age.

Mike presently weighs in at 82 lbs and will likely be in the high 80's as a two year old. He is able to be very competitive but has a sweet calmer personality in everyday life than his father. His father's high energy bigger-than-life personality is very useful in high-level competition. The decision was made to allow us to purchase Mike. This softer calmer personality makes him easy to handle and is the ideal for most families. In protection Mike is anything but soft, sweet or calm. He has high drive, crushing bites and this is prior to our bringing the fighter out in him.

We feel very fortunate to have been able to purchase Mike. He will be a very easy to handle family companion, and very capable protector.

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