Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog




Dronko has been raised since a puppy at a busy equine center in Europe. He has been surround by horses, dogs he sees daily as well as those brought by visitors, barn cats, horse trainers, owners, customers, veterinarians and visitors on a daily basis. He is very socially aware, and seems to know who to interact with and who to just pass by. Dronko thoroughly enjoys interacting with horses, when ever allowed. He also enjoys children of all ages, and naturally adjusts his interactions whenever around toddlers.

Dronko was the pick-of-the-litter, selected and was raised specifically to be competititve in dog sports. While competing in dog sports was very intriguing it proved to be all too time consuming given the demands of equine sports and the center itself. That meant instead of utilizing Dronko's ability for dog sports, elite levels of law enforcement or entering a program like ours he seemed destined to be the equine center's official greeter. His owners had too much appreciation for Dronko's ability, and love for him personally, to allow that to happen. So Dronko will now live his best life; performing extremely advanced levels of obedience and protection for a new CPI family, yet not give up the social life of greeting family, friends and guests. If there is a horse somewhere in the picture, all the better.

Already as Dronko begins to learn advanced levels of functional protection he is thriving. He becomes more and more powerful with almost every session. Dronko will provide a formidable defense against any threat.

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