Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog

Crash (aka Bodhi)


Crash (aka Bodhi)

Crash was imported Europe as a puppy. He has been raised and trained by CPI's owner ever since. Crash has all of the typical Naked Obedience that all of CPI's dogs receive, and a few extras.

On command Crash can heel on your left, right or in between your legs. He can be instructed to focus on someone (pre "turn on"), do a covert Secure (remain by your side "turned on" ready to attack but without barking), be instructed to attack (bite anywhere but if all things are equal target the inside of the upper right arm) or strategically bite the crotch with the command "Pain"; he can guard someone standing in front of them or between their legs depending upon the command; he is trained in English, German and Arabic, and is one of the flashiest dogs we have trained to date.His bite in protection is no joke. He has injured many a trainer with equipment on.

As amazing as Crash is when it comes to performance, his personality really trumps everything. He has to be one of the most, if not the most, affectionate dogs we have ever been around. We are around a lot of dogs! He's also really incredible the way he instinctively adjusts for children, small dogs and puppies. As soon as he sees them, he recognizes their size, drops to the ground and usually lays on his side to relate to them. It's really cute. It really makes children so comfortable. Crash is also unique in that if you pet him he will just bask in your affection for hours. If you stop petting him he will initially try to stare/ nudge you into more affection. If you don't want to give him the attention he will then lay quietly for hours. This latter quality is not so common with most Malinois.

Strategic Biting (we refer to it as "shock & awe")

Strategic Guarding (provides very convincing argument not to move)

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