Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog




Collins is a young oversized male from top performance bloodlines. His father won the national working championship and competed four times at the world championship. What is really interesting is his upbringing. Collins was raised by a woman for law enforcement. As a talented and experienced handler she was given permission to use her own dog for work. She purchased Collins as a puppy for that purpose. From the very first day of being brought home Collins was brought out in public. Daily Collin's owner would expose him to new and more extreme experiences. First the train station, then riding on a train and then finally walking along the platform as a train would go by at high speeds. Collins has been raised with young children, other dogs as well as horses. You could not ask for a more perfect upbringing.

In training the focus has naturally been functionality. His owner has had him off-leash in the busiest parts of the city with complete control. In protection he will bite anywhere, anytime and anyone when instructed. What has been unfortunate for Collin's owner (but a great benefit to us) is he does not have the hunting drive needed for narcotic detection. While not perfect for narcotic detection Collins is the dream dog for the majority of our clients.

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