CPI Platinum Program


Sold to: Client in Fort Myers, FL

1.5 Years
95 lbs

Axel is our second dog in the CPI Platinum Program. He embodies the ideals of all the dogs we have ever trained.

When Axel came to us, it was quite apparent we had something special. Following in York's footsteps as the second dog in our Platinum Program, the bar was high, but Axel proved himself at every turn. Axel's previous owners invested a great deal of time and effort into his upbringing, traveling with him to local dog training clubs multiple times a week, ensuring that he received the necessary foundational training and exercise. These regular outings exposed Axel to new places, people, and other dogs, which contributed to his well-rounded personality.

Living in a busy household has made Axel quite accustomed to car rides, which he eagerly anticipates, especially when it means visiting family and friends (both human and canine) in nearby towns. One of Axel's most striking features is his large head, which adds to his already impressive appearance. When it comes to protection, Axel demonstrates a powerful bite and exudes confidence and strength in his work. However, once the task is completed, he truly cherishes relaxation and quality time with his family, as well as playtime with the kids. When Axel is biting, you really get an idea of how large his head is when his jaw is wrapped around the decoys bicep. He brings the fight to the decoy, this is not a game to him like you see with a sport dog doing his usual routine, this is serious work, being trained and developed even deeper as his training progresses.

Axel thrives on an active lifestyle and loves when he is part of all the family activities. However when the day is over, he is happy to kick back and relax with everyone. With his loving and loyal nature, he is guaranteed to become a cherished member of any family, offering not only security but also companionship and endless fun.

Currently, Axel is half way through of his 6 month development program and will be arriving in the United States in January. If you are searching for a one of a kind, robust protection dog who is also fantastic with families, Axel is an exceptional choice. He is eagerly waiting to become your devoted guardian and affectionate companion.

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