Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog



The best description of Aiki is he's a show off! First, the way Aiki moves, performs an exercise in obedience or protection entertains everyone.

Aiki represents European sport training at its finest, exceptional ability in protection and impeccable character. When you combine this level of natural natural ability with our training, you have a real force to be reckoned with. The reality is we purchase, train and sell a lot of dogs who fit this description yet they are not like Aiki.

The way we would describe Aiki to someone in person is this:

Aiki is a show off! He's a show off in two different ways. First, the way Aiki moves, performs an exercise in obedience or protection is so entertaining. You don''t have to know dogs or dog training to be entertained. The way he does everything is with such style and flash. As trainers we could watch Aiki all day long. That's part one of being a show off. He has something special to show off. Aiki is one of the few dogs who intentionally wants to show off. His owner says its almost like he asks "can I entertain you?" That's not normal for a dog, and it makes him so much fun to live with.

Putting his showboating aside, Aiki is also one INTENSE dog when it comes to protecting his own. That's even prior to our Elite Family and Estate Protection Dog program. His training has brought out and supported intense aggression to the threat without equipment, a willing to fight and intense power when biting. All of that and his "best friend" is a 12 year old little girl.

We believe whoever purchases Aiki will consider it a privilege to share their life with him.

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